Wednesday, December 13, 2017

coconut nog

These days I don't consume a lot of dairy but I still like to enjoy yummy food and beverages that remind me of the days when I ate and drank dairy. Egg nog is one of things that I love the taste of but I just can't handle the ingredients. So during the holidays, I enjoy creating my own dairy/egg free version. It is simple, healthy and super delicious!

1 can of full fat coconut milk
1 cup almond milk
4 tablespoons of maple syrup (add more if you like it sweeter)
1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon 
1 pinch of cloves
1 handful of ice

Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth and creamy.
Serve cold and garnish with a cinnamon stick and sprinkle with spices.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

mixed media paper bows

It never fails, when I go to wrap a present, I realize that I don't have ribbon or bows. So over time, I've figured out some simple ways to create bows out of paper!
I have a lot of scrap paper with all kinds of mixed media layers and techniques on that paper. 
A simple bow is really easy to create with thick paper (like watercolor paper or cardstock.

Start with a strip of paper and fold each side into a loop.

Using hot glue, glue each edge down.

Add a smaller strip the the center.
The last step is to add two strips of paper glued to the back of the bow.

You can also create a variation of that simple bow by cutting your paper into a bow tie shape.

Next, fold each edge into the middle to create two loops and glue down.
Add a strip to the middle.

Add tails to the bottom to finish off the bow.

You can also create gift bows by cutting strips of paper- it helps to have those strips of paper the same width. I cut my strips around 3/4". 

I cut 5 strips, leaving 2 of those strips the original length (11 inches) and then I cut off about 1/2" from 2 of the strips and then 3/4" from 1 strip.

Next, twist each strip to form a loop at each end and glue in the center.

Layer the twisted strips on top of each other- the longest at the bottom and smaller at the top. Secure with glue as you layer.

These bows work best with lighter weight paper.

Monday, December 11, 2017

holiday gift tags for you!

Need last minute tags for your holiday wrapping? I've got a page of gift tags that I created from my art for you. Enjoy!

download HERE

Need more tags?


Thursday, December 07, 2017

shop handmade this season!

I am excited to be sharing more makers! My hope is to inspire you to shop handmade this holiday season.

1. I am a crochet and textile artist that is endlessly inspired by the beautiful, colorful nature. Bohemian at heart and by hook. I am enchanted by different materials and textures and love to experiment in mixing media to create my unique jewelry and accessories. I adore matching my crochet flowers with different materials, fabrics and beads to express the magical world I feel within myself. View all of my work at The Little Treasures shop.

2. Hi, my name is Lisa Hetrick, the owner of Indigojade Art. I am a watercolor and mixed media artist focused on creating “Art that Makes you Feel Good.”  I believe we all need a bit of light, love and encouragement in our daily lives. My prints, gifts, and original canvas art bring word and image together in an inspiring, joyful way. It is my hope that my art brings more grace and positivity into the lives of their new owners. 

3. One of a kind handwoven scarves, key fobs, clutches, pendants, and other accessories in lush, unexpected color combinations from pigde pidge  Each piece is vibrant and unique -- the perfect gift for everyone in love with fibers, texture, and color. Learn to weave: fully illustrated tapestry weaving companions and deluxe loom kits for the beginner!

4. The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry contains twenty inspiring projects to launch you on the path of creating gift-worthy necklaces and earrings. Discover how the centuries old technique of paper quilling can give you modern, sophisticated jewelry without a high price tag.

5. Modern, minimalist, alpha garlands, made by hand. Offering a boutique selection of hand cut quotationals for home or atelier, GINGER*URCHIN alpha garlands will elevate and adorn an otherwise blank space on wall, door, or office cube, adding a touch of inspiration to your favourite spaces. Bespoke messages available on request - visit the shop for more information.

6. MamAmor Dolls are handcrafted educational birthing, breastfeeding and babywearing dolls created to help birthing families prepare their children for the arrival of new siblings. They are wonderful educational tools for birth, breastfeeding and babywearing educators and professionals.  Mamamor Dolls are handmade in Edmonton, Canada by stay at home moms sewers. We use high-quality materials such as organic cotton interlock and merino yarn. We support small local businesses by partnering with them and by purchasing some of our materials.

Happy Print Club is a library of over 150 stationery designs (and counting) that you can download and print from home. All designs are original by artist Linda Tieu and members get instant access to ALL the downloads in the library upon sign-up. Happy printing!

8. Each of the dolls you see in my shop are made entirely by hand, using mixed fiber yarns. The extra long legs are designed for little hands to easily hold and the entire doll is button free for safety. Each doll is unique and one-of-a-kind, firmly stuffed but still snuggly.

9. I melt glass and hammer metal to create wearable works of art. I also do fused glass and watercolor. My main love is figuring out how to bring different types of art together for a fresh perspective. View my work over in my shop

10. I'm a mixed media artist and I paint with my fingers colorful artwork. I sell original art and many products: leggings, notebooks, headbands, art prints, cell phone covers and more! You'll love my bright and floral art! Shop here

11. 4Everly Adorned's mission is to encourage self expression through art, while contributing to the conservation of animals.  I sell hand-painted furniture & wall art. Part of all profits goes towards a non-profit I'm teamed up with out of South Africa, called Project Rhino KZ

12. I am a freelance illustrator and do commission work and commercial work, but I also sell affordable, emotive and whimsical illustration in my shop to brighten up children's rooms and home interiors.

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

creating with Jules: fabric christmas tree

It’s getting close to Christmas, and I just love super colourful decorations. So I delved into my fabric scrap collection (I can never throw out small pretty pieces of fabric- the always have a use!) and came up with these christmas tree decorations. I then accentuated them with glitter, because it’s the perfect time of the year for an excuse to use the sparkly stuff! 

You’ll need:

Stiff card 
PVA glue
Assorted fabric scraps
Silver glitter
Masking tape
Baking paper or sheet of plastic
Tiny amount of stuffing

First, we’ll make the cone out of the card.

Start by making a centre point (top anchor point) at the top of your card and measure 27cm (10.5”) straight down (bottom middle point), then mark again.

Then, using your top anchor point, swivel your ruler to the sides and mark with dots using the same length. Join the dots up and you will have created a curve for the bottom of the cone.

From the centre bottom point, measure an equal distance straight out to both edges. I chose 16cm (6”).

Draw lines from your top anchor point down to those side marks for the outline of the cone shape, adding a flap to the side that will be used to glue the cone together.

Cut out.

You can see using this method of creating a cone that you could make play around with different sizes.

Curl the card around so the flap lines up to the other side, glue, and use masking tape to hold in place.

Make a template out of some card for the scollops using the diagram as a guide. Place onto the wrong side of the fabric, outline and cut out. You can keep placing the template side by side to get longer lengths. As you go, check by wrapping your fabric strips around the cone to make sure you have enough lengths.

Lay fabric strips out over baking paper or plastic. Mix some PVA glue and water with a ratio of 1:1. Paint it on to the back and front of the fabric strips and leave to dry.

Once they are dry and stiffened, use your fingers to curl up the edges of the fabric.

Start by gluing a strip of fabric along the bottom of the cone before you start with your scolloped pieces. Run glue along the top edges of the scolloped fabric strips and start wrapping them around the cone. 

Make sure when you go up a layer that the cone is covered by the fabric so that you can’t see the card underneath. Continue until the cone is completely covered.

Using 2 small scraps of fabric, place wrong sides together and lightly draw a star shape.

Sew all around the star leaving the bottom two edges open. Lightly fill the star with some stuffing, and then sew the two remaining edges closed, leaving a small gap in the bottom middle.

Trim around the star close to the stitching.

Pop some glue onto the end of a tooth pick and insert it into the base of the star, and then place some more glue onto the other end of the toothpick and poke it into the top of the tree. (If there’s no hole there use your scissors to snip off the very tip of the cone so that there is.)

Using a brush, paint PVA glue onto the very edges of the scolloped fabric and the edges of the star and sprinkle silver glitter all over, tapping off the excess.

Then enjoy your colourful christmas tree decoration! I’d love to see yours if you make one!

Jules :)

You can find more of Jules here:

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

9 simple watercolor gift tags

Why buy holiday gift tags when you can make your own!? Today I've got 9 crazy easy ways to create watercolor gift tags.
1. Paint simple watercolor flowers.
2. Splatter that paint all over those tags.
3. Start by covering the tag with clear water and then add simple shape to that wet surface.
4. Use a white crayon to scribble and draw and then paint over the top.
5. Paint simple plaid inspired designs.
6. Paint a simple tree.
7. Dip those tags into watercolor water.
8. Paint simple leaves.
9. Use expressive dots, dashes and brushstrokes to fill that tag.


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